Tuesday, January 18, 2011

gift basket ideas

hello lovelies!
Chinese new year is coming soon and people starts looking for CNY hampers and gift baskets. i was browsing through to get some ideas for my creations of gift baskets and i found this very useful website.
simple chocolate gift basket for chocolate lover!

You can get almost every little information for your gift baskets here. it is after all a dictionary, isn't it :)

fruit basket
flower basket

for example, under G, you will see glue-dots. i was wondering too, what is that?
interesting! :)

another flower basket
chocolates and flowers gift basket
there is sooo many thing that one can learn from this website.
if you plan to venture into gift basket business, i suggest you read it all and you will get the perfect picture of what gift basket is.
happy reading!


singapore florist said...

i love the idea of a basket of sweet treats.

Love from Valentine day flowers :)

Anonymous said...

These are the best ideas.Like to send fresh roses, basket full of fruits with flowers decoration have a good effect on receiver, to your loved ones in Pakistan.
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