Thursday, April 3, 2008

trip to flora etc

Greetings from Little Flower Pot!
Last Monday, my fellow blogger friend, Mya and I went to flora, etc, Ampwalk KL. It's been more than a year since my last visit. Mr. Razak Ahmad, the owner of this stunning shop (or should I call the place flower haven!) welcomed us with warm and friendly smile, like always. It was really good to see him!!! Being part of flora, etc before, I walked around the place shamelessly! Like old days :)
We were talking about flowers, flowers and flora, etc! Looking at him and his flower haven, I felt so motivated and recharged to go back to work! He’s a mentor and a motivator to me. He never fails to give advice and info. He always shares his experience and knowledge. For me, he is the best flower designer and wedding planner in Malaysia. He inspires me to work hard and stay focus on my job.
How time flies, after 2 hours of conversation and looking at the photos of his previous works, we decided to go back (thanks Mya for the reminder!). He told us the team of Nona Magazine will be coming over for shooting.

some of his work

Come back next time, he said. Sure I will!! On my way back, I saw Nona Magazine and flipped over the pages and saw him. Bought the magazine immediately and still flipping through the pages! The sight of flowers never bores me.

check out Mr. Razak in Nona Magazine

I wish him the best of luck in his future undertaking.
He’s a role model to young generation that ventures into this business (like me!)

From Left: writer, Razak and Mya (4weddingku)

View his state-of-the-art work at