Tuesday, April 14, 2009

DIY - Wedding Album

Hello! Greetings from LFP!!
I did this DIY album December last year then I thought of sharing the step-by-step instructions on how to do it. This is how I managed to explain. I hope you guys understand the instructions given here.
The materials needed are:
1) an album - can use any size and type. mine is a cheap sticky album, standard size.
2) sponge - you can buy at any wedding shops. cut to fit the size of the album (tracing method).
3) glue and the glue gun
4) cloth as cover of the album - can be any material/type/color. I use satin cloth which I bought at RM2.50 per metre. it is very light and easy to handle. the color is white. cut the cloth with extra 3/4 inch for all sides.
5) satin ribbon - I use off-white satin ribbon. the size is 1 inch. the length is depending on the size of the album. the bigger the album, the more you need it.

I guess that's all we need to do the basic album. as for the cover, it is all depends on your own creativity.

you may add flowers on the cover

or do a photo frame-type cover

add lots of ribbons, you and your partner's names, date of weddings etc.
Apart from using satin cloth, you may use organza or even paper!
You can use it to keep your own photos or give it as a present to relatives and friends.
What are you waiting for? Polish your creativity and start now! Have fun!

*credit for all photos taken from the internet is on the photos. thank you.